Patient Testimonials

Migraine Headaches and Low Back Pain

“I have been using conventional chiropractic care for 5 years. Just recently I switched to the ImpulseAdjusting Technique used by Dr. April. In the past two months the chronic migraines that I have suffered from for YEARS have virtually disappeared! My chronic low back pain was relieved after my first adjustment."

Wendy M.

Chronic Headaches

"I came to see Dr. April mostly for chronic headaches. I haven’t had a headache in 2 and ½ weeks now! I am more relaxed and less sensitive to noise. I would definitely recommend coming to see Dr. April to anyone!”

Kevin K.

Sore Back, Hip, and Shoulder

“I have had a sore back, hip, and shoulder for over two years to the point of interference with sleeping and everyday movement. Since coming to Dr. April for the past few months, I can move much easier and have a lot more energy. I am much happier not being frustrated and irritable from the pain all the time. I would absolutely recommend that others get help from Dr. April. Thanks for making me feel better!”

Diane S.

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