Pain Relief. Quickly and Completely.

My practice exists to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. My goal is to get you back to your regular life and doing the things you love to do.  Whether it is playing with the kids or grandkids, sports, gardening, bending to pick things up, sitting at work with no discomfort, sleeping through the night, driving with no numbness, being on the computer with no neck discomfort, or a day without headaches.

                 -Dr April Kosinski

As Featured in:

Wendy M.

Migraine Headaches and Low Back Pain

“I have been using conventional chiropractic care for 5 years. Just recently I switched to the Impulse Adjusting Technique used by Dr. April. In the past two months the chronic migraines that I have suffered from for YEARS have virtually disappeared! My chronic low back pain was relieved after my first adjustment."

Kevin K.

Chronic Headaches

"I came to see Dr. April mostly for chronic headaches. I haven’t had a headache in 2 and ½ weeks now! I am more relaxed and less sensitive to noise. I would definitely recommend coming to see Dr. April to anyone!”

Diane S.

Sore Back, Hip and Shoulder

“I have had a sore back, hip, and shoulder for over two years to the point of interference with sleeping and everyday movement. Since coming to Dr. April for the past few months, I can move much easier and have a lot more energy. I am much happier not being frustrated and irritable from the pain all the time. I would absolutely recommend that others get help from Dr. April. Thanks for making me feel better!”

"Most people that come to this website want to know the answers to 2 questions;

Can chiropractic care help me?

Why should I choose your ofFice?"

Let me answer both of those for you...

Can Chiropractic care help me?

Chiropractic has a very specific and very important role in the health care world.

If you need stitches, or a cast put on a broken arm, or your gallbladder removed then don't go see a chiropractor for that.

but.... if you have back pain, neck pain, headaches or sciatica, ("the big four") then a chiropractor should be the FIRST person you see.

Chiropractic as a health profession does not put anything in you (medication) or take anything out of you (surgery). 

We work with your body in a very natural way to restore function and eliminate pain.

Science and anatomy fact:

The nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls and coordinates all of the organs and structures of the human body.

If the nervous system is working well...then you are well.  If your nervous system is malfunctioning then you are sick.

If the nervous system is working well...then you are well.  If your nervous system is malfunctioning then you are sick.

A chiropractors job is to be a health detective, and find out if the real cause of your pain is coming from a malfunctioning nervous system.  We are the only health care providers trained to look for this condition and fix it.

For many patients we are the 3rd, 4th, or 5th doctor they have see for help with pain from one of the "big four".  Our success rate is far above those other professions when it comes from these conditions (see pic) because we are looking at and fixing it completely different.  

You don't need any type of referral to see a Doctor of chiropractic.  Just make an appointment directly and don't waste time looking for relief elsewhere.

Why choose our office?

There are different types of chiropractors

So, where do you start?   How do you find a good chiropractor?  

Well, I’d like to say go see any chiropractor and they will get you fixed right up, but unfortunately it’s not that easy. You see, although chiropractic can help everyone have a better quality of life, the chiropractor himself, or herself, may not be right for YOU.

Chiropractors are a diverse group of people, using different techniques of treatment, and with different objectives of care.  

We are different than most and here are the reasons why:


1. Our treatment protocol is completely unique to our office.  

We created the PSR Pain Relief Method.  

It consists of: 

  1. Precision targeted chiropractic Adjustment - with gentle spinal and hip adjustments
  2. Our special Health First Stretching Protocol
  3. Then our Focused Personal Home Rehabilitation Program

2. Our core values - our core values precede every decision we make in our practice.  

For example here is our brand promise - “To deliver the best health care experience anywhere in the world by treating you like you are part of our family.”  

We take our core values very serious:

  • Excellence
  • We only do the work that we are proud of
  • Going above and beyond expectations
  • Masters of our craft
  • Integrity

to read more click on the pic:

3. A personalized care plan so that you can participate exactly how you want to.

Not everybody has the same goals when it comes to their healthcare.  Some people want just the minimum to get functioning again, some want to take their care as far as it can go, while others are somewhere in the middle.

We appreciate that fact and make it easy for you to decide what you want with no pressure to do anything you don’t want.  

You can choose: pain relief care, corrective care, and maintenance care.

Before I tell you about the benefits of chiropractic care, 

let's quickly squash some false beliefs  about Chiropractic that are out there.  

Once we do that I can tell you how Chiropractic can literally give you your life back.

The False Beliefs about Chiropractic:


"Chiropractors are not real doctors like MD's"

A Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) goes through very similar schooling as the MD.  4 years undergrad and 4 years Chiropractic school. Over 5000 hours in the class room and in the clinic with patients. We diagnose everything just like an MD would, the only place we differ is how we treat the patient's condition.  They use drugs and surgery and we use Chiropractic adjustments (treatment).  By the way, you do not need a referral to see a Chiropractor.  We are primary care doctors just like your MD.


"My back pain is probably just a pulled muscle, a one-time thing."

It could be.  But just ask yourself a couple of questions.  Has it lingered on for more than a week? Has this same problem happened before?  If you answered yes to either one of these then it is probably more than a pulled muscle.  If you don't address it the problem will usually come back a little harsher each time until you can't ignore it anymore.


"I can take some pain meds and ignore the problem.  It will go away eventually"

Maybe.  You could take pain killers (opioid problems are at an epidemic high right now in the U.S.), but let's just acknowledge the fact that more than likely the problem will be back. Addressing it at it's earliest is always the best approach.  Treatment would take the least amount of time and money now.  To ignore it would mean that you will have a bigger problem to overcome next time.


"The chiropractic treatment is going to hurt."

Chiropractic care is one of the safest forms of healthcare anywhere.  Still not sure?  Just have a look at our Malpractice insurance premiums.  They are lower than every type of MD.  That's because the insurance companies have deemed us as super safe! I promise that care in our office won't hurt. 


"Chiropractic treatment is going to be expensive"

Chiropractic care is one of the most affordable forms of healthcare.  Back surgery would be $20,000 - $150,000.   Physical therapy would be $100-350 per visit for 12-48 visits.  Chiropractic care in our office is covered by most insurances so it would just be a copay.  But even if you didn't have insurance coverage it would only be $99 for the first visit and $50 for any visits after that.

Now that the false beliefs are out of the way... What are some benefits for you coming to our office for treatment?

  • You receive a computerized spinal analysis so you can see exactly where the problem(s) are.  Now your condition is no longer a mystery but rather something that we can see and watch improve.  This takes out the scary part of sickness - not knowing!
  • Affordable care so it will not cost you a small fortune to get better.  Now, because it is affordable you can follow the treatment recommendation and have peace of mind that you can get well without screwing up your finances.  
  • Treatments are quick and easy which allows you to get the care that you need.  It will allow you to get well while still having time for all your other life commitments.  This will make you feel excited that you can take care of yourself without putting a burden on your work or loved ones.
  • You will get fast results.  You can quickly get relief from the pain that you have been having and get back to the activities that you used to do.  That will make you feel whole again and young at heart.
  • You can stop taking pain medications.  You won't need to take pain killers anymore.  So you won't have to worry about side effects or becoming addicted.  This will give you some relief from worrying about the dangers of medication.
  • You will improve in both feeling and function.  You will feel better and move easier.  Now you won't feel limited in your daily activities.  You will feel like your health is improving and not that you are getting old too quick.
  • You will receive pain-free treatments.  This will help you stick with your treatment plan because treatment doesn't hurt.  It feels good as your health improves.  You will be so glad that you are getting well naturally and safely.  It will give you hope about the future!

Some Recent Patient Google Reviews

I began at my primary care doctor for neck and back pain. When my primary care doctor told me I should go and see a chiropractor I began asking friends and co workers for referrals. Dr. April Kosinski came as a referral to me from a friend. Dr April on my first visit gave me a tour around the office and treated me as if I was family. She took her time explaining every process of the Pre-Evaluation/Consultation, and made sure I was informed and had all my questions answered before leaving the office. The night of my 1st visit she called me to see how I was feeling after an adjustment earlier that morning, and gave me advice for the night, and answered questions I had. The following day I went back for a follow up visit, and went over all the paperwork with Dr. April who created a health and wellness plan specifically for me, and was able to talk to me about the journey we were about to embark on. After a week of visits with Dr April, I am already feeling a change, breaking bad habits that have been going on for years, and making sure I am taking care of myself mentally and physically. Dr April has knowledge and experience in what she brings to the table, and as a patient that makes you feel relaxed and have trust in her. Dr. April Kosinski blew me away with her professionalism, explanations/advice, and compassion. Grasshopper is a clean and welcoming facility with experience. You are not just another patient, you are part of the family. I will be recommending Grasshopper Chiropractic to family and friends. Thank You Dr. April for everything you have taught me and for helping me fix bad habits, and starting to fix all my subluxations.

Chris Hurst

Grasshopper Chiropractic is a fantastic find in the Woburn area. As a young female with severe backpain I was quick to look at alternative care to fix the constant ache I had. When looking into chiropractic medicine, I was hesitant to try something I was not familiar with. At Grasshopper Chiropractic, Dr. April Kosinski made me feel completely comfortable with the entire process. I was brought in for an evaluation which showed what areas of my back were weak. I learned how important the spine actually is and the subluxations that causes my nerves to be in pain. She walked me though everything and a custom plan was made for me. Not only was my plan for recovery completely custom to myself, but the breakdown of affordable payments. Every time I walk into the office I am greeted with a smile and I feel like I am family. They have an unbelievable practice and are very understanding with the scheduling of appointments. Always being on call for work makes it difficult to keep appointments at their original time, but Dr. April always reaches out to make sure we follow through with our treatment plan. After being there for two months, I am completely confident in saying that my back feels like a 24 year olds should and it is all thanks to their care and knowledge. I am beyond thankful for this place and Dr. April.

Ariana Beauregard 

Dr.April is a miracle worker.... she is friendly and super nice. I went for upper back pain since I have a fusion on my lower back and within a two weeks my lower back has less pain and I feel awesome. The facility is clean and very welcoming and it comes with great experience. I’m beyond thankful that I found Dr. April....

Waleska Vazquez

I'm currently 6months pregnant and my arms are always going numb, and my left hip hurt a lot. I was feeling a little hopeless until I went there, I'm not 100% but I am feeling a little better after 2 visits and I feel like going to Dr.April theres actually light at the end of the tunnel.

Crystal G.

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